Infrastructure and Energy Investments

Infrastructure and Energy Investments

Limak Investments operates in the field of infrastructure investments and energy investments.

In the infrastructure investments field, Limak Investments is the operator of the Pristine International Adem Jashari Airport, which is the most important airport of the Balkans and has an annual capacity of 5 million passengers. Meanwhile, it is among the partners of the Istanbul New Airport Project, which is the most important project of the aviation sector in Turkey. While the first phase of the project is targeted to be completed in 2018, the airport will be capable of serving over 200 million passengers in total per year when all phases are completed, and will be included among the significant airports of the world such as Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong and Atlanta. The Aeroport International Blaise-Diagne Airport Project, the construction of which is continued in Dakar – capitol of Senegal – is also included among the prominent airport projects of Limak Investments. The passenger traffic is expected to increase from 2 million to 5 million once the airport is taken into operation.

In port management, Limak Investments is the operator of the LimakPort İskenderun, which is one of the largest and most modern ports of East Mediterranean by its annual container handling capacity of 1 million.

The Ankara High-Speed Train Station, which is the first high-speed train station of Turkey that has been taken into service in 2016 and has a daily passenger capacity of 50 thousand, is also included in the portfolio of Limak Investments in the area of high-speed train station management, which is another field of activity of among its infrastructure investments.

Limak Investment, which is one of the largest private sector generators of Turkey in the energy sector by its balanced electrical energy generation portfolio composed of hydroelectric, natural gas and domestic coal power plants, has also started activities for developing a solar power plant in the renewable energy sources area in Konya and a geothermal power plant in Denizli.

Limak Investments has an energy generation capacity representing an installed power of almost 3,000 MegaWatt in operation, with the Alkumru Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, Hamitabat Natural Gas Power Plant, Yeniköy and Kemerköy Thermal Power Plants. The investment for a new generation plant of 100 MW – Kargı Hydroelectric Power Plant – has been started in 2015.

Limak Investments, together with its partners, distributes more than 52 billion kWh to almost 11 million subscribers through the Boğaziçi, Uludağ, Akdeniz and Çamlıbel electricity distribution companies in Turkey and the Kosovo Electricity Distribution company abroad, in the field of energy distribution. In addition, it carries out the sales of 38 billion kWh electricity throughout Turkey and in Kosovo, again through the retail companies in these regions. With these figures, Limak Investments and its partners are included among the largest electricity distribution companies in the world, as well as being the largest electricity distribution and retail sales company in Turkey.

Limak Investments, also continuing its growth in the trade and retail sales of electricity, is one of the largest energy groups of Turkey that has completed its vertical integration by its trade volume exceeding 6 billion KiloWatt hours.

Limak Investments continues to complete its current investments, pursue opportunities for new projects and activities that will increase its operational and financial efficiency in its field of activity as aimed for its portfolio.