Energy Contracting

Energy Contracting

Elmak Energy Contracting has been founded in March 2013, in order to offer project and contracting services in the energy sector.

Since its establishment, Elmak has provided contracting services to Uludağ Electricity Distribution Corp., Çamlıbel Electricity Distribution Corp., Akdeniz Electricity Distribution Corp., Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution Corp., TED, Limgaz, Kargı HEPP, Yusufeli HEPP, LimakPort, KMO, TANAP, Kuzu Residence and Mall, Atakule GYO domestically, and the Kosovo Electricity Distribution Company, Limak-AGE (Albania), Summa - Limak (Senegal Dakar Airport) projects abroad.

The company, together with the EHA Joint Venture established in 2015, has undertaken data collection projects of Ankara High-Speed Train Station, BEDAŞ and BEPSAŞ General Directorate Buildings, UEDAŞ, ÇEDAŞ, AKDENİZ EDAŞ CBS, and has offered services in superstructure electromechanical projects. It currently continues its activities in the electro- mechanical and mobilization works of İstanbul Airport, as EHA.

The aforementioned services are provided by 588 employees, 285 of which are subcontractor employees. From the 303 employees within Elmak organization, 23 are electrical engineers, 6 are mechanical engineers and 25 are other engineering and technical staffs, 23 are in support services and 226 are field employees. In the meantime, employment is created for 2,000 persons in total, 1,035 of which are through subcontractors, in the EHA Joint Venture.

Transition has been made to the 2015 versions in the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 quality certificates that have been received in 2014, and the OHSAS 18001:2007 quality certificate has been revised.

The company qualifies as the official subcontractor that is responsible for the MEP works at the Kuwait Airport Project that is under construction. While Elmak continues the construction, electrical and mechanical works of the camp premises with a capacity of approximately 10,000 people in the same project, it has completed and handed over the part for 6,000 people.

The entire electrical-instrumentation works of TANAP Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline project construction from Eskişehir to the border of Greece, comprised of 4 peak and 10 valve stations have been completed under Elmak commitment. Furthermore, the MEP works of the hotel construction have been started in the Limak Diamond Of Skopje multiple-use project continued in Skopje, the capitol of Macedonia.