Energy Contracting

Energy Contracting

Elmak Energy Contracting

Elmak Energy Contracting Project has been established in March 2013 in order to offer project design and contracting services in the energy sector.

Elmak provides contracting and project design services to companies such as Uludağ Electricity Distribution Inc., Çamlibel Electricity Distribution Inc., Akdeniz Electricity Distribution Inc., Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution Inc., TED, Limgaz, Kargı Dam and HEPP, Yusufeli Dam and HEPP, LimakPort domestically, and Kosovo Electricity Distribution, Limak-AGE (Albania) abroad. In addition, it has undertaken the contracts of the IGA and Ankara High Speed Train Station projects together with EHA Ordinary Partnership established in 2015, and has also started to provide services in superstructure electro-mechanical projects.

The company, in addition to energy distribution, contracting and project design services, also continues to serve in the fields of electrical installations contracting and project design, mechanical installations contracting and project design, SCADA and automation contracting, switchyards, power transmission lines for airports, hospitals, hotels and shopping malls.

The top priority purpose of Elmak Inc. is to continue its activities in the fields of contracting and project design in the energy sector, as a company that is innovative, optimum solution focused and invests in man.