About us

About us

Limak Group of Companies, the foundations of which have been laid with Limak Construction in 1976, continues its operations in the construction, tourism, cement, infrastructure, superstructure and energy investments, energy contracting, aviation and food sectors.

Limak Construction has successfully completed over 100 projects, the total value of which exceed 10 billion dollars, ranging from airports to ports, dams to irrigation plants, expressways to hydroelectric power plants, industrial facilities to oil and natural gas pipelines, holiday villages to building complexes, and is included among the largest international construction companies of the world in the rankings of Engineering News Record Magazine. Artvin Yusufeli Dam, 1915 Çanakkale Bridge and Malkara-Çanakkale Expressway, and - internationally – Kuwait International Airport and Habarovsk Airport Domestic Flights Terminal in Russia may be listed among the current projects assumed by Limak Construction.

Limak Tourism owns one of the largest hotel chains in Turkey with 8 hotels in operation and a bed capacity over 6,000, and continues to grow every day and increase its contribution in the economy and promotion of Turkey. Limak Tourism Group operates Limra, Arcadia, Lara and Atlantis hotels in Antalya, Ambassadore hotel in Ankara, Eurasia hotel in Istanbul, and Yalova Thermal and Cyprus hotels, while it continues a hotel investment in Skopje, the capial of Macedonia.

Limak Cement ranks as the first largest cement producer in Turkey with its total asset size, and the second largest cement producer in capacity listing, with 10 cement factories, 23 ready-mix concrete plants, 1 pumice block plant and an annual cement production capacity of 18.4 million tons. Limak Cement also has two important investments in Africa, with grinding and packing plants in Mozambique and Ivory Coast. 

Limkon - the representative of the Group in the food sector –maintains its successful line in the sector by producing fruit juice concentrates, fruit pulp and tomato paste and processing all types of fruit based products in its facility In Adana.

The Group also operates in the field of energy generation, distribution, sale and trade in the energy sector. The Group currently has an installed power of more than 3,500 MW by its hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, natural gas and thermal power plants and expands its portfolio further every year. It makes energy generation investments based on resource diversity, as aimed to ensure the medium-long term energy supply safety of our country and moves towards its goal of 5,000 MW installed power within the scope of its long-term business plans. The total HEPP capacity in operation and under construction is approximately 1,320 MW, and the total annual electricity generation capacity is almost 4.1 billion kWh. It serves the entire Uludağ region and more than 3,8 billion subscribers in total in Kosovo with the Kosovo Electricity Distribution Corp., in the field of energy distribution. Furthermore, it continues to grow in the field of electricity sales and distribution in Turkey in general and in Kosovo, through its retail companies in these regions.

Limak continues to pursue new project opportunities within its fields of activity and to work as aimed to increase its operational and financial efficiency in the available projects, in the field of infrastructure investments. It adds great value to both the aviation sector of the entire Balkan geography and all organizations that serve this sector with the Pristine Adam Jashari International Airport – the sole international airport of the Republic of Kosovo, the investment of which it has completed and started to operate in 2013, in the field of airport management. It has completed the construction of the Blaise-Diagne International Airport in Dakar, the capital of Dakar, in 2018 and started to operate the airport together with its partner and the State of Senegal. In Turkey, on 29 October 2018 it has completed the first phase of Istanbul Airport Project, which is the most important project of the aviation sector and will be listed among the limited airports of the world with its passenger capacity over 200 million, where it takes part as a partner. In train station operation, it continues to operate the Ankara High-Speed Train Station and Living Center – the first and sole high-speed train station of Turkey – with its partners since 2016. On the other hand, in port management, the Group has completed the 1 million TEU container handling investment plan in 2014 and serves a wide hinterland composed of Adana and the east with LimakPort Iskenderun. Meanwhile, 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, the ground breaking ceremony of which was held on March 18, 2017, and Malkara-Çanakkale Motorway projects in bridge and expressway management; and multiple use superstructure project in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, in superstructure management are included among the ongoing infrastructure investments of the Group.

Limak also continues social investments, as well as its economic activities, at top speed. Limak Education Culture and Health Foundation was established in 2016, in order to collect all social responsibility and aid projects that are being conducted by the Group for years, and ensure their continuation in a more corporate and effective manner. One the most important projects of the Foundation in the field of education is the Engineer Girls of Turkey, which was initiated as a comprehensive and long-term social responsibility project in 2015 in order to support our women to take more part in the field of engineering. The “Junior Engineers of Home” project has been implemented in 2017 in order to be able to popularize engineering for pre-school children, and explain that engineering exists in all areas of life to the families and pre-school children by specially designed games. With Gülseren Özdemir Outstanding Achievement Scholarship, initiated in 2016, the Group aims to contribute in the education and development of young students, who continue their education in secondary education successfully in financial difficulties. Another project supported in the field of education is MISTI (MIT Science and Technology Initiatives) – Bosphorus International Research, Education and Support Program which was generated with the objective to carry out collective research projects between the faculty members and students of Bosphorus University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Meanwhile, in the field of culture – art, the Foundation has established the Limak Philharmonic Orchestra, under the general art directorship of world-renowned tenor Murat Karahan, in 2017. There also are many social investments realized in the fields of education, environment, culture-art, by the Group companies, outside of the Foundation. Among these, the KEDS Academy, established by Kosovo Electricity Distribution Company (KEDS) where Limak is a partner, and the LimakASI project, within the organization of Pristine Adem Jashari International Airport, have managed to serve as important solutions for the unemployment problem in the country.

Limak, the quality of the services which it offers has been certified by a variety of international awards and certificates both domestically and internationally, operates with the principle of maximum efficiency and effectiveness and also with high social responsibility awareness in all sectors, with its experienced and trained human sources, and is included among the leading companies.