Limak Ambassadore Hotel

Limak Ambassadore Hotel

GOP / Ankara

Limak Ambassadore Hotel, taken into service in January 2006, is located at the heart of Ankara, Kavaklıdere, within a walking distance to museums, embassies, business, shopping, cinema, theater and entertainment centers.

Limak Ambassadore Hotel offers an indispensible environment by its multi-purpose hall for 400 persons where all details have been considered, a ball room for 400 persons and 7 different meeting halls that may be partitioned when necessary.

While Café Fiori, standing out by its modern architecture and elegant design, merges unique and exquisite tastes with impeccable presentations at the hotel, a terrace restaurant, lobby bar, summer and winter gardens and a kitchen capable of serving 1,500 persons, are also available for special dinners and meetings. Starting to serve with the slogan of “To the Stars of our World” from the very first day it has been taken into service, it continues to perceive each guest as a “Star” and offer them special services.

In 2018; 889 organizations such as meetings, seminars, congresses, conferences, celebrations, balls, banquets, cocktails and weddings have been organized, and total 29,201 stars have been served during these activities. Limak Ambassadore Hotel has a capacity of 62 rooms and 3 suite rooms, and 132 beds. With its tailor-made service understanding, 19,984 stars have been hosted in 2018, in 15,674 overnight stays.

Limak Chiva Spa, which has been included within Limak Ambassadore Hotel in 2016, takes its guests over to a unique world by its relaxing atmosphere, where comfort and peace merge with modern lines. Limak Chiva Spa will continue to offer services within the Limak Ambassadore Hotel organization in order to re-instate body, mind and soul integrity with fantastic cures in its specially designed care cabins, equipped with the most modern equipment, and its quiet and peaceful environment also in 2019.

The Hotel uses “Renewable Limak Energy” in order to protect nature and has been found worthy of the ‘’Recommended on TripAdvisor’’ award by Trip Advisor and “Recommended on Holiday Check” award by Holiday Check by the quality and high standards of the offered services.